Training plan

In the following plans you will find when and where which training takes place.

Training plans

F1lower levelwhite, yellow, orange
F2intermediategreen, blue
F2/F3intermediate and advancedfrom green
F3advancedbrown, black
Gjoint trainingall

Directions to the locations

MTV Munich e.V. (Sundays)
Häberlstraße 11
Nearest Metro Station: Goetheplatz (U 3 and U 6)
Changing rooms are in the basement - actual dojo in the 1st elevated floor, off the gym gallery on the big hall.

Elementary School St. Martin-Straße (Tuesdays)
St. Martin-Straße 30
Nearest Metro Station: Silberhornstraße (U 2)
Entrance on the left end of the school building, changing rooms are in the basement - actual dojo is in the entryway on the right (you actually pass the Dojo right after entering through the main door)

Elementary school Simmernstraße (Thursday)
Simmernstraße 2
Nearest Metro Station: Bonner Platz (U 3)
Entrance to the school at Birkenfeldstraße - actual dojo hall on the 2nd (elevated) floor, leaving the staircase taking a right turn, walking down the hall to the very end. Change between the door at the end of the hall and the stairs that are leading up to the Dojo.