Training groups

BUSHIDO Munich e.V. offers courses three days a week.


On Tuesday, there is at 7 pm a joint training (G). In this training everyone, regardless which graduation, is more than welcome. Everyone (white - black) can be found here.


On Thursday, we offer at 7 pm a differentiated training in two groups. At 8 pm starts a special training with changing contents and graduations. 

On Sunday, we offer differentiated training:

  • 6 pm: beginners
  • 6 or 7 pm: F 1-Training: lower level (white, yellow, orange)
  • 6 or 7 pm: F 2-Training: intermediate (green and blue)
  • 7 pm: F 3-Training: advanced (brown and black)

F 1 and F 2 rotate weekly with the start time 6 to 7 pm.