Club Internal Examination Schedule

The next examination at Bushido München e.V. will take place on the following date.

  • summer examination: 21. july 2019 (examiner: Jan, Claus)

Please talk to the examiner/s well before time of the examination for registration to get individual feedback. Regular training is a requirement for taking an exam!


Examinations / belt tests at Bushido München e.V. take place roundabout twice a year. These examinations are recognised by the Deutschen Karateverband.

Graduations are divided by student and master grade.

There are nine student grades (Kyu) and ten master grades (Dan).

The students grades are further divided into three levels:

  • Lower grades: 9. Kyu (white), 8. Kyu (yellow), 7. Kyu (orange)
  • Middle grades: 6. Kyu (green), 5. Kyu (blue), 4. Kyu (blue)
  • Upper grades: 3. Kyu (brown), 2. Kyu (brown), 1. Kyu (brown)

The master grades (Dan) increase from 1.-10. Dan. The 10th Dan represents the level of perfection and is generally not awarded from the association during someone's lifetime.

Link to the examination program